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About Frank Sullivan

Our Managing Member

Fairfield Financial Strategies, LLC is owned and operated by Frank Sullivan in Fairfield, CT.

Frank has a degree in finance with a strong working concentration in accounting and business. This combination allows him to have a unique and efficient perspective when developing strategies with his clients. As he states:

“It is crucial to understand the relationship between an income statement and a balance sheet when working with my clients. My clients do a great job of earning income. My job is to show them creative solutions to grow assets while managing risks.”

Our Philosophy

We specialize in eliminating financial uncertainties in life through customized risk management solutions. Whether this means planning for the security of your family, business or retirement, we guarantee your hard-earned assets are protected from risks and volatility.

Contact Us

Fairfield Financial Strategies, LLC

Tax Efficient Planning

Frank Sullivan

Phone: 203-414-5424






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