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Our Tactics for a Great Financial Future

Get Personalized Solutions for Your Life and Goals

Fairfield Financial Strategies, LLC in Fairfield, CT, serves individuals and businesses with a range of financial solutions including:

Estate Planning

Why leave the majority of your wealth to Uncle Sam? Estate planning is a sensible and vital part of any financial plan that will significantly reduce taxes and fees associated with probate and the distribution of assets.

Estate Planning Benefits:

  • Eliminate Probate Uncertainties
  • Ensure That Your Heirs Receive a Greater Portion of Your Estate

Private Reserve

This encompasses a concept on how to develop or improve your financial position by avoiding or eliminating unnecessary wealth transfers. You will also accumulate a pool of capital within your control.

The idea is to borrow against your capital and pay off the lender while you continue to compound interest on your money.

Premium Financing

This strategy gives qualified clients the ability to borrow money to pay for their life insurance premiums. The loan amount is fully secured by the cash surrender value of the policy and other forms of collateral (if necessary). These collaterals may include cash, letters of credit, or the cash value of existing life insurance policies.

Premium financing is an excellent option for estate planning, business succession planning and executive bonus programs.

Small Business Owners

We develop and implement strategies in areas such as:

  • Business Succession Planning
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Corporate Planning
  • Group Health Plans and Disability Coverage

Retirement Income Strategies

Significantly reduce your stress and eliminate the uncertainty of whether you’ll have enough money in retirement.

  • Fact: We are living longer lives because of advances in technology and medicine.
  • Concern: Will Social Security be around when we retire? Will you have a retirement nest egg?
  • Solution: Let us customize a plan that can eliminate volatility yet provide you with a market upside.

Risk Management

The biggest concern in risk management is providing security (money) for our loved ones due to unexpected circumstances.

Our Solutions Can Help By:

  • Providing Income in the Event of Disability or Other Health Issues
  • Providing Mortgage Protection
  • Replacing Income Due to Death

Let’s talk about what concerns you!

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